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Stand Up Pouches

Digital Printed Standup Pouches

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  • High Quality
    High Quality

    Focus on quality control

  • Strict Production
    Strict Production

    Equipment regular control and maintenance, production process control management

  • High Accuracy
    High Accuracy

    MIMAKI and HP Indigo 20000 printer

  •  LOW MOQ

    NO MQO 

  • Quick Delivery
    Quick Delivery

    International Express delivery,such as FedEx, UPS, DHL....

  • Fast sample time
    Fast sample time

    1- 2 working days

Why Choose Us
    NO MOQ  ,High definition HP Indigo digital printing for fast printing and delivery. *✔ [BRAND NEW RELEASE FROM AT] - Our premium resealable ziplock keeps all water and moisture out and any odors in when sealed! The ziplock seal snaps shut so tight you will never question whether the bag is open or closed ever again! * ✔ [HIGH DEFINITION DESIGN WITH CLEAR VIEWING WINDOW] - make your product stand out from others! We provide only the highest quality bags on the market using our premium 100-micron thickness mylar material! * ✔ [HEAT-SEALABLE FOR 100% SMELL PROOF CAPABILITY] - in case you need to ensure that no smell leaks! This will also ensure that the bags have not been previously opened. * ✔ [PERFECT FOR LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE] - the mylar design keeps contents inside fresher for longer compared to a regular ziplock bag! You can store coffee, rice, beans, tea leaves, herbs, spices, and much more for longer periods of time without them spoiling. * ✔ [EXCLUSIVE DESIGN]- each of design is design from famous designer of China
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  • unlimited upgrades
    unlimited upgrades


  • 1-2days proofing
    1-2days proofing

    Fast sample time: 1- 2 days for proofing

  • 7-9 days big order
    7-9 days big order

    Fast lead time: 2 weeks for more than 200000pcs

  • 60 days guarantee
    60 days guarantee

    Fast transportation time

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