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Stand Up Pouches

50 MOQ Custom Digital Print Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouch
Stand Up Pouch
Stand Up Pouch
Stand Up Pouch
Stand Up Pouch

50 MOQ Custom Digital Print Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are a great looking branded packaging option to assist in getting your product noticed - they are also a practical one that consumers welcome and can help your sales soar.

We provide comprehensive packaging and supply chain solutions for producers of consumer product goods. 50MOQ Low MOQ, 100PCS Fast Delivery .


  • Item NO.:

    Stand Up Pouch
  • Payment:

    T/T, PayPal
  • Product Origin:

    Fujian, China
  • Color:

  • Lead Time:

  • Plastic Type:

  • Feature:

    Strong Sealing,Moisture-proof Smell Proof
  • Logo:

    Customized Logo
  • Size:

    Size Accepted
  • Thickness:

    Custom Thickness Accepted
  • Printing Style:

    Digital printing
  • MOQ:

    No Moq
  • Usage:

    Food Snacks coffee Packaging / Nuts / Whey Protein / Seed, etc
  • Sample:

    Samples Offered

              custom stand up pouch food packaging plastic bags

Stand-Up Pouches offer a contemporary and attractive way to package and present your produce .CustomDesign  pouches f sizes. The bottom gusseted base makes them suitable for standing directly on the shelf but also means they pack efficiently in storage and use minimum space. Each stand-up food pouch has a resealable press-close strip which allows the pouch to be resealed after the initial opening to preserve the freshness of the produce inside. The header is also sealable with a standard heatsealer, while handy tear notches give an easy first open when the bag is sealed in this way. The pouches are perfect for most wet and dry food products such as cakes and confectionery, cereals, teas, coffees and beans, health foods, pet foods, dried fruits etc.

Stand up pouches type corresponding to standard size

Custom Printing Matte Finished Stand Up Ziplock Pouch

Custom Printing Glossy Finished Stand Up Ziplock Pouch

Custom  Stand Up  Pouches With Window 

Custom design size stand up pouch 

Extra small size :3.25"Wx4.75Hx2"G

Extra big size:14.2"Wx13.8Hx2"G



Food Snacks coffee Packaging / Nuts / Whey Protein / Seed, etc,


  1. Pouches: Stand-up pouches, flat pouches, spout pouches, retort pouches.
  2. Bags: Flat bags, gusseted bags, resealable bags, zipper bags.
  3. Films: Polyethylene films, polypropylene films, polyester films, nylon films.


Custom Design Full color printing  (CMYK) Pouches

With custom shapes, colors, and graphics, you can create a unique and eye-catching packaging solution that stands out on store shelves and attracts customers’ attention

Custom Matte Stand Up Pouches 

50MOQ matte stand up pouches come in a variety of soft pastel colors. These are 5 mil thick stand up pouches made from a lamination of PET/INK/AL/LLDPE. Our pouches come with a ziplock closure as well as a tear notch with an easy tear line to make opening the bag easy for your customers. These bags can be sealed using one of our 5mm heat sealers

Custom Stand Up Pouches With a Glossy Finish

The use of high quality materials, plastic coating, and advanced chemical treatment in glossy printing makes it ideal to emphasize colors in an artwork.

An emphasis on colors makes sure that the final product looks original and natural.

It is extremely easy to preserve artwork and reading materials with glossy printing.

Glossy printing enhances the safety of your product as it is vapor resistant.

The printing gives a silky feel.smooth to hold and pleasant to look at.


Advantages of customized stand-up snack ziplock bags:

Convenient Storage: stand-up ziplock bags provide a secure and convenient storage solution for various types of snacks. The ziplock closure ensures easy opening and resealing, keeping the snacks fresh for longer periods.


Enhanced Shelf Appeal: The stand-up feature of our bags allows them to stand upright on store shelves, enhancing their visibility and attracting customers’ attention. This adds to the overall product presentation and branding.


Excellent Barrier Properties: Plastic snack stand up pouches  are made from high-quality materials that offer excellent barrier properties, protecting the snacks from moisture, air, and light. This helps preserve the snack’s taste, texture, and aroma.


Customizable Design: Our bags can be fully customized with your brand logo, colors, and design elements, allowing you to create a unique and eye-catching packaging that stands out in the market.


Versatile Sizes: We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different snack portions, from single servings to family-sized packs. This ensures flexibility in packaging options, catering to various customer needs..


Tamper-evident Feature: Our bags can be equipped with tamper-evident seals or tear notches, providing an added layer of security and assuring customers of the product’s integrity.


Easy Brand Identification: Custom stand up pouch offer ample space for branding and product information. With vibrant printing and clear labeling, customers can easily identify your brand and connect with your product.


Cost-effective Solution: Our bags provide a cost-effective packaging solution for snacks, combining functionality, durability, and visual appeal at a competitive price point.


These advantages position our customized stand-up snack ziplock bags as a superior packaging solution for your snacks. They offer convenience, freshness, branding opportunities, and customizable options that allow your products to stand out on store shelves. The excellent barrier properties, eco-friendly choices, and tamper-evident features add further value, while the portability and cost-effectiveness make them an ideal choice for both consumers and businesses alike.

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